OUR TIME PRODUCTIONS - from concept to screen and everything in between

Our Vision: To successfully function within the following:

We are situated on the east coast of South Africa, which is a sub-tropical climate, favoring year round shooting conditions. Within our immediate vicinity there are many desired locations including: rural (ethnic) villages, modern townships, an airport, farms (sugar cane, banana, orange, mango, nuts etc), highway, old quiet deserted roads, winding roads through mountain passes, long ‘untouched’ beaches, commercialized beaches, lagoons, rivers, water falls, game parks, bird parks, nature reserve’s, all shopping amenities, up market homes and residential estates, coral reef’s, shipwrecks, the sardine run, awesome surf (average of 4-6 ft swell), light houses, ware-housing, industrial sites etc.

Within an hour from us we have an international airport, a huge freight and passenger liner sized harbor, a large city, yachting harbor, aquarium with diving facilities, the infamous Drakensburg mountain range (with snow fall in winter season: June- August), 1-hour flight from Johannesburg.

Contact details:
cell: +27 83 959 9967